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About us

Grepmasters is a small indie software house with focus on Mac and iOS applications. We strive to create the best possible apps by combining great design with well thought out functionality. We try to create apps that only does one thing, but does it extremely well.

The people

David Jack Wange Olrik, employee #0 also known as the Big Chief. David has more than a decades worth of experience with mobile computing, and spends his days and nights in his basement office hacking away on the next great thing.

Gitte Wange Olrik, employee #1 also known as MamaTux. Gitte is a fashion designer with her own clothing brand, and the best application tester we have. Gitte also have the responsibility of making David reach his deadlines.

What’s up with the name

David got his first Mac in the early 90ties, but at the time he was more into Unix™ so it ended up as just a brief fling which lasted a few years. When Apple released Mac OS X in 2002 there were much rejoicing as the power of Unix™ was finally combined with the Macs ease of use.

So how does this relate to the name Grepmasters? Well… grep1 is one of the single most useful command line tools on a Unix™ system, it searches files for specific text patterns – it does one thing, and it does it extremely well, and this is the philosophy we try to put into all of our applications.

  1. These days we mostly use ack, which is a modern version of grep that understands code and have pretty colors. []